Some Time Later @thewickedloki

Natasha took a moment to think. She’s been hearing rumors and mumbling about Loki, him being around this area. Of course, rumors are rumors, and you can never trust them; nevertheless, she’s been digging pretty deeply into it, and all her research leads have led her here, to this place.

She wasn’t sure what to make of it, either. When she told Fury about these circulating stories, reminding him that they were most likely not true at all and likely the exaggeration of a few scared and rushed teenagers’ minds, he encouraged her to follow it and find him, since he’s been MIA for months now. When Natasha says he ‘encouraged’, she means that he ‘demanded’. The spy scoffed to herself; surely he was purposely wasting her time, or maybe actually buying into it. Then again, perhaps he was just really desperate.

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    Natasha picked the bridge of her nose in frustration, becoming more and more tired of this game, testing her patience....
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    Nonplussed and wholly unimpressed, the giant merely grinned sharper, gums pink and wet, stretched clean over flat, white...